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Study out the land, my love

Write about all there is to find

Go wherever your heart goes

Push out the horizons from your mind

You are wild and you are rare, my heart

Beat, until the end of time


Be everywhere you’re meant to be

Bleed the colors of everything you see

Turn the stones beneath the stones

Say the words and you shall be released

You are wild and you are rare, my heart

Beat, until it sets you free


Study out the wilderness 

May the word itself be music to your ears

Dance out where the shadows dance

And the stars upon the water fall like tears

You are wild and your are rare, my heart

Beat, until love conquers all your fears


The land up North is flat and white

Lo, it shimmers neath the blue

It reminds me of your tender skin

Haunting as the surface of the moon


The land down South is blazing gold

Lo, it burns to gaze upon

It reminds me of your fiery lips

Bright as the brilliance of the sun


The land out West is iridescent 

Lo, it breaks into the sea

It reminds me of your emerald eyes

Tempting as the realness of a dream


The land out East is rolling green

Lo, it’s home to Liberty

It reminds me of your fearless heart

Fragile as the truth of living free






Firewood burning

End of the line 

Earth rolling over

Moon taking shine

Tall rows fade to darkness 

Shadows lost to the night

Dew dances brightly

Breaking of day

Out across the prairie 

Young stars ablaze

Firewood’s gone to ashes

Love’s gone away






I ran down that running river

Climbed up over the timberline

Scoured over the wild, wide ocean

And it was a you I fought so hard to find


I rolled in to that rolling thunder 

Headed in to to a hurricane

Saw the earth getting torn asunder

And on the howling wind I hear your name


Deep into the danger of the world, I flew

My soul charmed by your mystic blue


I mourned your laughter the morning after

As I blazed in to that blazing star

Swore I’d do what I must and trust that I’d find you

Leave everything caged and nothing barred


Deep into the danger of the world, I flew

My soul charmed by your mystic blue






When I’m lost at sea

And my sails are old and torn

Will you be for me

The mark that brings me home


When the dead calm comes

And the ocean meets the sky

And the stars all bleed to one

Will your heart beat through the night


When the fish have left these waters, babe

And the gulls have flown into the sun

Will you still meet me at the water’s edge

When the day is done






That long black road stretched 

into a broken sun

Barely a glimmer of light, yet

the night was on the run

It was you I swore I’d carry

to the edges of the Earth

It was you I knew I wanted

a thousand years before my birth


It was you

Only you


The ridge line cut the night in half

Black against the blue

The river a shimmering divide that ran

between what I did and meant to do

It was you I wished I told I loved 

before the dawning of the day

It was you I had this dream of

from which I’ll never wake


It was you

Only you


Your blue eyes faded in the light

of a slowly rising star

Another day breaking

Another lonely life

A gentle end to a tender start


It was you

Only you

All songs written by S.R. Batterson (BMI).


EP produced and recorded by Felix Reyes (BMI). 

Mixed by Felix Reyes, and Jeremiah Klinger (ASCAP).

Mastered by Dave Herrero (BMI). 


S.R. Batterson: Guitar and vocals

Jeremiah Klinger: Electric guitar and synth on "This Land"; "Mystic Blue" and "When the Fish Have Left These Waters"

Felix Reyes: Electric guitar on "This Land"


Recorded at: 

Napps Motel in Fennimore, WI

A cabin near Westby, WI

A cabin near Livingston Manor, NY

The House of Tone studio in Oak Park, IL


Album design: Alex Sommerville 

Original illustrations: Albena Ivanova

With deepest gratitudes:

To all those who have made this possible. My guides and fellow journeymen on this project Felix Reyes, Jeremiah Klinger, Dave Herrero and Mike Altier. My beautiful beating heart Tania Rodamilans. The wonderful river stone Jennifer Kronewitter. My stream teachers Jon Uhlenhop, Phil Kerczewski, Nikki Seger and Jay Wisnosky. My life teacher Carlan Shreve. All my open-ocean buoys Erica Thornton, Jon and Christina, EB and Erinn, Andrew and Liz, Steve and Chris, Jennifer Rangel, Jud Browning, Chris Delcher, Lindy Aldrich, Jerry Curran, Sharon Miller and Matt Snyder. All my family and friends. Lo, though we must each meet the world on our own, you all stand as proof that we are, none of us, alone. 


And a special dedication and gratitude to the nightfire Jason Kronewitter.

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